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16/02/19 Others

Tres Culturas will launch an accompaniment programme for Moroccan temporary workers in Huelva

José Manuel Cervera, director of the Fundación Tres Culturas (Three Cultures Foundation), and Farid Omar, curator of the Spanish Pavilion at SIEL.

11/02/19 Others

The Fundación Tres Culturas mourns the loss of and pays tribute to author Antonio Lozano

The Foundation joins others in expressing its condolences regarding the death of novelist and playwright Antonio Lozano, who dedicated his work to learning about others, overcoming barriers and cultural encounters.

07/02/19 Others

The Fundación Tres Culturas takes two businesswomen from the INTREPIDA project to SIMOF

Two businesswomen have been selected from all of those who usually take part in the project’s activities to display their products.

22/12/17 Others

Commemorative events to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day

Every year, UNESCO pays tribute to the victims of the Holocaust on the 27th of January to marks the liberation

15/12/17 Others

Words We’re Made of

a web-series of micro-documentaries meant to publicise and raise awareness about the Arabic origin of many Andalusian Spanish words.

12/12/17 Others

Red CARPET Open Studio Tour

As part of the CARPET (Craft Art and People Together) programme, the Three Cultures Foundation has organised the Red CARPET

12/12/17 Others

‘Morocco in Three Cultures

Under the programme called “Alqantara: Bridges for Dialogue and Coexistence”, which the Three Cultures Foundation has undertaken together with the

12/12/17 Others

Caftan parade

After the success of previous shows, the Three Cultures Foundation will once again host a caftan parade at its headquarters.

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Tres Culturas will launch an accompaniment programme for Moroccan temporary workers in Huelva

The Fundación Tres Culturas (Three Cultures Foundation), together with other national, regional and local institutions, will be launching a comprehensive accompaniment programme for the Moroccan temporary workers spread across various locations in Huelva for the upcoming agricultural campaign. 19,000 Moroccan women are expected to join the campaign, the majority arriving as of the 15th of March.

This initiative is a continuation of other activities carried out to this respect by the Foundation in recent years, although it is now to be included in a more ambitious programme which includes more training, cultural and leisure activities as well as assistance in more personal matters such as health treatment or bureaucratic matters.

These activities were addressed on the 14th of February by a work committee in Rabat which, as well as a group from the Fundación Tres Culturas (Three Cultures Foundation) led by its director, José Manuel Cervera, also included representatives of the Deputy Ministry for Morrocan Expats and Migration Matters and the Ministry of Work and Professional Insertion of the Kingdom of Morocco.

The presence of the team from Tres Culturas coincided with the King and Queen of Spain’s official visit to Morocco. In fact, the director and the deputy director of the Foundation, Carmen Fernández-Távora, attended the reception that King Felipe VI offered at the National Library in Rabat, which gathered businesspeople, officials and other members of the Spanish community in Morocco as well as five ministers of the Spanish Government.

They both also took part in the Casablanca International Editorial and Book Show, presenting the TRES FESTIVAL, the biennial forum in Granada at which the Foundation has been bringing together the most relevant Mediterranean writers since 2016.