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The Fátima Mernissi Library enhances and renews in-person services while also developing online services, as both are complementary.

It is considered vital for library staff in the future to offer services using new technologies, support lifelong training and keep the collections up to date.


  • Free and open access to its specialised resources;
  • Information, bibliographic and reference guidance and documentation service for the library’s resources;
  • Consultation via the catalogue of its resources (link to online catalogue);
  • Consultation of periodicals;
  • Lending of resources to private individuals and between libraries. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, we’ll request it from another library;
  • Lending of book sets to reading clubs. We have more than 50 titles available for collective lending;
  • Multimedia library with more than a thousand resources to enjoy Mediterranean films and music;
  • Ask – the library responds via whatsapp. +34 673866486 or +34 673866486 (Whatsapp icon);
  • Requests for items to be purchased or borrowed from other libraries can be sent to biblioteca@tresculturas.org;
  • User training. About the organisation and location of resources in the open access room or how to conduct searches in the catalogue, for example;
  • Information literacy. Teaching how to use and create online electronic resources and how to register and use an email account, make searches on the internet, register profiles in social networks and create blogs and websites, etc;
  • Group visits.


Holders of a user ID card are granted free open access to document lending. To register as a user of our library please click here.

All bibliographic resources can be borrowed, except reference works, reserved documents, magazines and those books duly identified as not available for lending.

The loan is personal and non-transferable. Conversely, the borrowed material can be returned by anyone.




To enhance the visibility of its collections, since 2010 the Fátima Mernissi Library has belonged to the Andalusian Network of Documentation Centres and Specialised Libraries, with its catalogue accessible via the IDEA Network platform. It can also be accessed via its version for mobile phones. (https://www.juntadeandalucia.es/cultura/idea/opacidea/mopac/ )

Link to online catalogue

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