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Cinema Tuesday. Awards at the Tarifa African Film Festival (FCAT) 2017

The Three Cultures Foundation shows the best of the most recent Tarifa African Film Festival (FCAT), an independent event held for the 14th time last May. It is organised by the Al Tarab Association, with Three Cultures playing an active role.

Both this foundation and FCAT focus their efforts on promoting and disseminating cinema as a binder that narrates stories from different continents from different standpoints.

Our aim is thus to contribute to intercultural dialogue for better understanding among peoples, offering a meeting space so that the public can enjoy the work of audiovisual industry professionals without being blocked by frontiers.


6 June, 8:30 p.m.

Cycle presentation and film: Mane Cisneros (FCAT director) and Marion Berger (FCAT programmer).


Screening of “Felicité”.

Directed by Alain Gomis. Germany/Belgium/France/Lebanon/Senegal, 2017, 123 minutes.

13 June, 8:30 p.m.

Presentation by Marion Berger (FCAT programmer).

Screening of “Akher Wahed Fina”.

Directed by Ala Eddine Slim. Tunisia, 2016, 94 minutes.

20 June, 8:30 p,m.

Presentation by Javier H. Estrada (“Caimán” magazine critic and programmer of SEFF and Filmadrid).

Screening of “Atlal”.

Directed by Djamal Kerkar. Algeria/France, 2016, 100 minutes.

27 June, 8:30 p.m.

Session of film shorts. Presentation by Marion Berger (FCAT programmer).


Damien Ounouri. Algeria/United States/Kuwait, 2016, 40 min.


Alamork Davidian. Ethiopia/Israel, 2016, 26 minutes.

Free entry to all screenings until seating capacity reached.



Archive Activities

07/11/2017 Cinema

Cinema Tuesday. Screening of “El Rayo”

In the context of the decade for recognising descendants of the African diaspora launched by the UN in 2015, thereby