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Book presentations

Distinguished authors are invited to Three Cultures to present their latest publications and review their literary careers. Such presentations are often shared with publishers, translators, researchers or journalists, with whom they speak before an audience about their lives and work.

Archive Activities

10/04/2019 Book presentation

Stephen Smith and the challenge of African migration, at Tres Culturas

The author will discuss the topics covered in the book with journalist Nicolás Castellano.

03/04/2019 Book presentation

The latest in Palestine literature. Mazen Maarouf at Tres Culturas

The Three Cultures Foundation hosts the presentation in Seville of Chistes para milicianos (Jokes for the Gunmen) by Palestinian author Mazen Maarouf.

06/03/2018 Book presentation

INTREPIDA appointment with literature. A meeting with Lídia Jorge

On March 6 at 7:00 p.m under the European project INTREPIDA, the Three Cultures Foundation organizes the presentation of O

12/12/2017 Book presentation

2nd Homage to Albert Camus

The Three Cultures Foundation culminates the homage paid to the figure of Albert Camus on the 60th anniversary of his

from 18/10/2017
to 22/10/2017

Gathering of Writers from Three Continents 2017

The South Festival –Theatre Meeting of Three Continents (Agüimes) organises every year among its parallel activities a meeting of writers

21/09/2017 Book presentation

Conversation with Leila Slimani

The Three Cultures Foundation, together with the Institut Français of Seville and the publisher Cabaret Voltaire, has organised the presentation

from 20/09/2017
to 24/09/2017
Book presentation

Three Cultures with the Hay Festival Segovia

The Three Cultures Foundation contributes to the 12th Hay Festival Segovia, backing the presence of the Franco-Moroccan author Leila Slimani,