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Al-andalus chair

The Three Cultures Foundation holds on the last Thursday of each month a session that considers the various aspects comprising the concept of Al-Andalus as a paradigm of intercultural dialogue. The main goal is to make the “Cátedra Al-Andalus” a space for permanent reflection by means of conferences, talks, book presentations or even film screenings.


Catedra Al Andalus 2017

Archive Activities

24/05/2018 Formation

Cátedra Al-Andalus .Conference ‘Christian Narrative in the Koran’

Without no doubt, the Koran is the most important literary document we have for the emergence of Islam. Also, when

26/04/2018 Conference

Cátedra Al-Andalus. Conference ‘Continuity in Andalusí art: from late-antiquity to the Alhambra’

Professor Belén Cuenca presents a journey from late-antiquity to the construction of the Alhambra, analyzing key buildings of different cults

22/03/2018 Conference

Cátedra Al-Andalus. Conference ‘Fez, the Andalusian’

The city of Fez, nicknamed ‘the Andalusian’, has traditionally offered a varied panorama of colonial readings, from the Orientalists of

22/02/2018 Conference

Conference: The legacy of Al-Andalus in the Mudéjar

Session overseen by Ana Echevarría, UNED, Madrid Up to what point were the Mudéjars, Muslims who lived under Christian rule

25/01/2018 Conference

Al-Andalus Chair – Natural lighting in Mudéjar Churches in Seville

The Al-Andalus Chair conference cycle begins this year with a talk focusing on natural lighting in the Mudéjar churches of

26/10/2017 Conference

Al-Andalus Chair. Concert/conference on Sufi mysticism and music in the 21st century

The October session of the Al-Andalus Chair will shift to the Palace of the Marquises of La Algaba to hold

28/09/2017 Conference

Al-Andalus Chair. Showing of the documentary ‘Las llaves de la memoria’ (The keys to memory) and debate

The September session of the Al-Ándalus Chair will offer a showing of the documentary Las llaves de la memoria and a debate