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Film collaborations

Film festivals and events of various kinds are held in the Three Cultures screening hall (with more than 200 seats), an ideal space for their dissemination. Hence the diversity of such events hosted as collaboration projects. Special engagements are also planned, with debates and roundtable discussions.

Next Activities

from 25/04/2019
to 04/05/2019
Cinema Cinema

Tres Culturas once again collaborates with the 2019 Tarifa-Tangiers African Film Festival

Different matters such as the diasporas, black resistance, human rights and immigration, identity and black feminism will be present in the festival’s offerings.

Archive Activities

04/04/2019 Cinema Cinema Cinema

Premiere of `Ocultas e Impecables. Las Sinsombrero 2´ at Tres Culturas

Documentary directors Manuel Jiménez and Tánia Balló will take part in the presentation, accompanied by Amparo Rubiales, as president of the Social Committee of the UPO, and journalist Lalia Santiago.

13/12/2017 Cinema

Cinema: Les contes de la nuit (Tales of the Night)

“Les contes de la nuit” recounts six short stories presented by animated 3-D silhouettes: The Werewolf, Tijean and Unknown Beauty,

12/12/2017 Cinema

Cinema Tuesday: Short films session. Festival Andalesgai

Our companions at the Andalusian lesbian, gay bisexual and trans film festival, Andalesgai, have prepared a selection of the best

from 05/12/2017
to 19/12/2017

Cinema Tuesday in December. Collaboration with the Andalesgai Festival

For the ninth straight year cooperation between the Three Cultures Foundation and the Andalesgai Festival is marked by screenings of

05/12/2017 Cinema

Cinema Tuesday: Quand on a 17 ans (Being 17)

Tom is the adopted son of two farmers in southwest France. When his mother falls ill he is helped by

28/11/2017 Cinema

Cinema Tuesday. Screening of “Off Frame”

In the context of the decade for recognising descendants of the African diaspora launched by the UN in 2015, thereby

27/07/2017 Cinema

Screening of the film “Adiós Carmen” in Los Palacios y Villafranca

The Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation has arranged a screening the film Adiós Carmen, directed by Mohamed Benamraoui, thereby