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Geopolitics in the mediterranean

The forum on the “Geopolitical Situation and Values in the Mediterranean and Middle East: a state of the question and future prospects” is sponsored by the Ministry for Moroccan Communities Abroad and Migration Affairs in collaboration with Casa Árabe and the Spanish Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation. The programme includes sessions where distinguished international experts from various fields debate a wide range of thematic issues.


Archive Activities

08/02/2018 Conference

Conference: Toward a Euro-Arab-African Network of Interreligious Dialogue and Social Action

The aim of this roundtable is to boost the role of cultural and religious relations as a driving force for

from 30/11/2017
to 01/12/2017
Conference Forum

The Mediterranean as a scenario of a potential Cold War between Russia and The US

The Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation with the collaboration of Casa Árabe, Real Instituto Elcano and the Charity