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Attending moroccan communities abroad

The Three Cultures Foundation has always paid special attention to Moroccans who live and work in Andalusia, even more so since the partnership with the Ministry for Moroccan Communities Abroad and Migration Affairs began. Performances, seminars, language classes, activities for children and other events are part of this action line.

Archive Activities

from 11/10/2019
to 12/10/2019

The theatre company Founoune returns with Allah Yddina F’do

Friday the 11th of October. Maestro Álvarez Alonso Theatre. Martos, Jaen. 8pm. Saturday the 12th of October. Municipal School of Music and Arts. Almeria. 8pm.

15/06/2019 Others

Tres Culturas selects a young Moroccan creator to develop an artistic project in Córdoba

The aim of this annual project continues to be that of helping promising youngsters from various disciplines to develop a creative project during the 2019-2020 academic year

from 05/04/2019
to 07/04/2019
Others Spectacle

Awa theatre company performs their play ‘tagnza’ in the Huelva towns of Cartaya and Almonte

The performances will take place at 8pm on the 5th of April at the Instituto Rafael Reyes in Cartaya and on the 7th of April at the Casa de la Cultura in Almonte.

from 01/04/2019
to 21/06/2019

Spanish classes and awareness workshops for temporary workers

The Fundación Tres Culturas (Three Cultures Foundation), within the framework of the IntegrARTE project, extends its educational offer and spreads it to include various Huelve localities with a high presence of temporary workers from Morocco.

14/03/2019 Concert

A musical performance to complete the IV course in Andalusí music

On Thursday the 14th of March, the final day of the 4th edition of the intensive course in Andalusí music, the students will be putting what they’ve learned in training to work with a musical performance.

27/04/2018 Spectacle

Theatrical performance ‘Le Marié’

The Ard Chaouen des Cultures Foundation presents its theatrical show Le Marié in Seville . It is a black comedy

from 19/04/2018
to 22/04/2018

Third edition of the Culinary Diplomacy Festival

The Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation continues its collaboration with the Culinary Diplomacy Festival. It takes place in the

from 09/04/2018
to 12/04/2018

III Intensive Andalusí Music group

The Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation organizes the third edition of the intensive Andalusí music course by Professor Amin

from 02/04/2018
to 30/06/2018

Learning together as a family

Learning together as a family is a training activity that begins in Seville in 2017. It promotes learning Spanish language

from 02/04/2018
to 19/12/2018

Spanish language courses for Moroccan people living in Andalusia

This year, the Three Cultures Foundation bets again for training as a help tool for Moroccan people living in Andalusia.

21/03/2018 Spectacle

‘Tagine, a story between stoves’

Because of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on March 21, the Three Cultures Foundation led by

08/02/2018 Others

6th Morocco in Movement meeting

The Association of Friends of the Museum of Judaism of Morocco and the Environment and Education Association (AMAE), along with

from 08/02/2018
to 11/02/2018

2nd Maspalomas Culinary Diplomacy Festival

Under the title Culinary Morocco, this festival will once again showcase Moroccan cuisine and culture in San Bartolomé de Tirajana.

from 18/09/2017
to 18/01/2018
Childish Formation

Classical Arabic classes for the children of immigrants of Moroccan origin

In the second fortnight of September, and resuming the awareness activities within the Alqantara programme, the Fundación Tres Culturas will