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Week of France

Films, art, literature and music in the Three Cultures week dedicated to France.

The Foundation has planned a special programme focusing on France, with a wide range of cultural activities.

Text: The Three Cultures Foundation will dedicate a special programme to our northern neighbour during France Week at Three Cultures; it will include films, music, art and literature.

The programme’s activities include:

  • Film screenings. December 11th and 13th. More information here (link to existing text).
  • 2nd Homage to Albert Camus. December 12th. More information here (link to existing text).
  • “Guernika Huella”, exhibition of works by Nissrine Seffar. Opening on December 13th. More information here (link to existing text).
  • Très bien! in concert. December 14th. More information here (link to existing text).


Archive Activities

13/12/2017 Cinema

Cinema: Les contes de la nuit (Tales of the Night)

“Les contes de la nuit” recounts six short stories presented by animated 3-D silhouettes: The Werewolf, Tijean and Unknown Beauty,

from 13/12/2017
to 01/02/2018

Exposition ‘Guernica Huella’ de Nissrine Seffar

Trois Cultures rejoint ainsi le souvenir des quatre-vingts années qui se sont écoulées depuis le bombardement de la ville basque

12/12/2017 Cinema

Cinema Tuesday: Short films session. Festival Andalesgai

Our companions at the Andalusian lesbian, gay bisexual and trans film festival, Andalesgai, have prepared a selection of the best

12/12/2017 Book presentation

2nd Homage to Albert Camus

The Three Cultures Foundation culminates the homage paid to the figure of Albert Camus on the 60th anniversary of his

11/12/2017 Cinema

Cinema: Lolo

Violette, a fashion professional, falls in love with a divorced computer specialist. The couple decide to carry on with their

05/12/2017 Cinema

Cinema Tuesday: Quand on a 17 ans (Being 17)

Tom is the adopted son of two farmers in southwest France. When his mother falls ill he is helped by