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Guided tours

The Three Cultures Foundation, through the Discovering Three Cultures didactic program, organizes guided visits to its headquarters, the former Pavilion of Morocco during the Universal Exposition of Seville in 1992 and the current Hassan II Pavilion. A building that still retains the splendor of yesteryear, present not only in its architectural design, but in each of its details.

Through the tour, the coexistence between cultures and religion is promoted, through mutual knowledge and the exchange of ideas that encourage an approach between the Mediterranean peoples.

The staff of the Foundation is in charge of guiding visitors in this journey, so that they can learn first hand the philosophy of Three Cultures and have detailed information on the activities programmed at each moment by the institution, while discover the secrets and details of this unique building, one of the most beautiful that was built for the Expo’92 and architectural reference of the Isla de la Cartuja.

The visit, of approximately one hour, is adapted to all types of groups (schoolchildren, adults, people with disabilities, etc.), and can be done in Spanish, English or French.

For any questions you may have, you can write to the following address: educa@tresculturas.org

Are you a group? Do you want to organize a visit to our pavilion?

The Three Cultures Foundation, with the purpose of responding to all those interest groups that seek to know our headquarters and at the same time delve into specific topics, offers the Discovering Three Cultures program, a project of guided tours on demand where, relying on the architecture of the building, work on specific themes.

From the hand of the Foundation staff, we will know the cultural legacy present in the building and the heritage shared with the architecture of our city. A unique opportunity, where education and culture come together to discover in 90 minutes the true beauty of what was the Moroccan Pavilion during the Universal Exposition of Seville in 1992.

With this proposal, visitors can immerse themselves in the architecture of the building and the decoration that surrounds its interior, discovering the importance of water in Muslim society and all the architecture that is generated around its symbolism. A journey to discover, learn and educate.

To whom are these visits directed?

The visits are directed to a general public with special attention to students, teachers, groups traveling to Morocco or those who can not adapt to the public schedule offered from the Foundation and that requires greater flexibility.

Visits in Spanish and English. For any other language, please contact us.

For more information, reservation and price, you can write to the email educa@tresculturas.org or fill out this application and we will get in touch with you.

Registration form for groups

Registration form


For groups of 1 to 15 people € 50
For groups of 15-30 people € 100


The views are subject to the opening hours of the pavilion and its activities, not available during the weekend.

Information and booking

Ask for information

If you want information, please contact us through the following form or in the phone 667 311 132.

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