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The newly restored auditorium has stalls with a capacity for 207 people. It also has a large stage and a cinema screen that can be used for drama performances, concerts, conferences, award ceremonies and movie screenings… The auditorium is located at the basement of the building and can be accessed directly by the back of the Pavilion. It has toilets and a stair lift for people with reduced mobility.

Capacity: 207 people

 Stage: 9 meters wide wooden planking stage (total length: 5, 7 meters; length to the screen: 3, 7 meters).


Audiovisual equipment

VHS, DVD or PC projection system

Cinema screen (6x4m)

10.000 lumens projector

Lighting: 24 channel mixer with 4 connection boxes.

Audio press box

Simultaneous translation

Recording equipment


Additional equipment 

Up to 40 table microphones

2 hand-held wireless system microphones

4 lavaliere microphones

4 powered speakers

Audio press box

Portable screen


4 soundproof simultaneous translation cabin with table and DCN system (2 per cabin).

In case of special needs, the Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation can hire additional audiovisual equipment from an external company. Costs will  be added to the budget.