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Central yard


The central courtyard is the focal point of this eight-pointed star shaped building. All other dependencies within the Hassan II Pavilion are built around it. Among its most attractive features stand the glass and marble fountain which connects the central courtyard with the basement and the stunning coffered dome that unfolds to allow visitors to see the sky.

The courtyard can be accessed directly from the main entrance at the ground floor. A reception desk within the courtyard can be put in place if requested.


The versatility of this space means it can be tailored to meet different needs depending on the event (seminars, round-tables, book launchings, product presentations, concerts…).

Different tables can be used depending on the foreseen audience:
-U-shaped table placed around the fountain: 40 people maximum.
-Squared table around the fountain: 50 people maximum.
-On stage table or presidential table: 250 people maximum.
-Banquets: tables for 10-12 people. 240 people maximum.
-Maximum number of standing places: 300 people.

Audiovisual equipment

Audio: PA available, also for small-format concerts. Audio press box.
Simultaneous translation.
* Please check the additional audiovisual equipment.
Video: VHS, DVD or PC screening system. Three retractable screens (4x3m). Three 5500 lumens projectors with VGA and video input.
Recording equipment.
Hall lighting: 6 channel mixer. Fresnel lens lights.

Additional equipment

Platform composed of 11 pieces measuring 2×1 m. with adjustable height (1m. max.). 2 methacrylate lecterns with microphones. Folding resin tables with blue covers. Resin chairs.