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This detached room can be accessed through the central courtyard and the exhibition area. It is a perfect place for press conferences, small meetings, talks or training courses.



The capacity of this room depends on the requested arrangement:

-Theatre arrangement with presidential table: 70 standard chairs and 50 folding chairs (maximum).

-Square shape table:  25 people maximum.


Audiovisual equipment 

VHS, DVD or PC projection system

Audio press box

Simultaneous translation

Recording equipment


Additional equipment 

-Up to 40 table microphones

-2 hand-held wireless system microphones

-4 lavaliere microphones

-4 powered speakers

-Audio press box

-Portable screen


-4 soundproof simultaneous translation cabin with table and DCN system (2 per cabin).

-Up to 180 wireless receivers for assistants and speakers.

-Simultaneous translation for two different and consecutive acts.

-2 vertical placed 32’’ LCD screen for presentations, play DVD or others.

-1 horizontally placed 32’’ LCD screen


In case of special needs, the Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation can hire additional audiovisual equipment from an external company. Costs will be added to the budget.