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Mois du Maroc

Within the framework of the program ‘Alqantara: bridges for dialogue and coexistence’ that the Tres Culturas Foundation has been developing in collaboration with the Delegate Ministry in Charge of Moroccan Residents Abroad and Migration Matters, and on the occasion of the XXV Anniversary of The Universal Exhibition of 1992, this institution has prepared an extensive program of activities that, during the whole month of November, will be dedicated to enhance the values ​​of cultural diversity in this month of Morocco.

The Hassan II Pavilion, headquarters of the Foundation, will host these events aimed at enhancing the socio-cultural and educational action of the Moroccan Hispanic, having as a thread the legacy of the building, which throughout these twenty-five years has been and is an open window on the Mediterranean and African euro space.


– From November 7 to 11. 9th Biennial Conference ‘African Diaspora for the world’. More information in this link.

-From 7 to 28 November. Cycle ‘Cinema, Morocco and its diasporas’. Free film screenings every Tuesday starting at 8:30 p.m. More information and programming on this link.

-From November 8 to 29. Exhibition ‘Seeds of the new Morocco’ in San Fernando, Cádiz. To know more about the contents of this sample, visit this link.

-From November 13 to 16, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Andalusian music course II. More information in this link.

-16 November at 8:30 p.m. Closing concert of the Andalusian II Music Course. ‘Musical theory and improvisation with Amin Chaachoo’. Information and invitations on this link.

-20 and November 21. Forum ‘Andalusia and Morocco. Educating in diversity. Information and registration in this link.

-From November 20 to 25. Sample of Moroccan crafts. More information in this link.

-22 November at 7:00 p.m. Parade of caftans. Information and invitations on this link.

-23 November at 20:30 hours. Solidarity Concert Hamid Ajbar Flamenco Fusion. Information and purchase of tickets through this link.

-24 and November 25. Representations of the theater company Al Founoune in Seville and Torremolinos (Málaga). More information in this link.

-25 November at 12:00 hours. Children’s activity ‘Al-musiqa, stories and songs of Morocco’. More information in this link.

-26 November. Alqantara football tournament. More information in this link….


Archives Activités

26/11/2017 Autres Pour enfants

I Tournoi de Football Alqantara pour les benjamins

La Fondation Trois Cultures organise la première édition du Tournoi de football Alqantara pour benjamins, dans le cadre du projet

16/11/2017 Concert Formation

Concert de clôture du II Cours de musique arabo-andalouse « La théorie musicale et l’improvisation avec Amin Chaachoo »

Comme point culminant du II cours intensif de musique arabo-andalouse : théorie de la musique et l’improvisation, qui se déroule

de 13/11/2017
à 16/11/2017

II Cours intensif de musique arabo-andalouse : la théorie musicale et l’improvisation

La Fondation Trois Cultures de la Méditerranée, en collaboration avec le Ministère délégué chargé des Marocains résidant à l’étranger et