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from 14/05/2019
to 28/05/2019

May 2019 Movie Tuesdays. 3rd LatinArab show

Tuesday 14th, 21st and 28th of May at 8.30pm at the Fundación Tres Culturas.

from 25/04/2019
to 04/05/2019

Tres Culturas once again collaborates with the 2019 Tarifa-Tangiers African Film Festival

Different matters such as the diasporas, black resistance, human rights and immigration, identity and black feminism will be present in the festival’s offerings.

04/04/2019 Cinema

Premiere of `Ocultas e Impecables. Las Sinsombrero 2´ at Tres Culturas

Documentary directors Manuel Jiménez and Tánia Balló will take part in the presentation, accompanied by Amparo Rubiales, as president of the Social Committee of the UPO, and journalist Lalia Santiago.

from 02/04/2019
to 30/04/2019

Movie Tuesdays in April: ‘Cinema with soul’ cycle

Throughout April, four films will be screened which feature complicated women who put their souls into the difficult world of feelings and family relations.

from 05/03/2019
to 26/03/2019

Movie Tuesdays in March: ‘Women protagonists’ cycle

This year the Fundación Tres Culturas (Three Cultures Foundation) is once again keeping its date with feminine movies in March,

from 08/05/2018
to 29/05/2018

The Cinema Tuesdays in May. II Exhibition of the Latinrab Festival in Seville ‘Diversity and Intercultural Dialogue’

The Three Cultures Foundation focuses on the intercultural dialogue through the image showing the films received at the last Latinarab

from 07/05/2018
to 10/05/2018

Latinarab, the festival winner of the UNESCO Sharjah Prize for the Cultural Diversity and the Promotion of Arab culture

Within the framework of the project Andalucía, land of diversity, the Three Cultures Foundation, in collaboration with the Cine Fértil

from 23/04/2018
to 25/04/2018

Tres Festival. Film Cycle

Besides aiming to be a meeting point and forum for debate, the Tres Festival includes in its programme ARTR3S, a

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