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from 05/03/2020
to 06/03/2020

20th Meeting of the Spanish Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation and capacity development

This network works in fields such as cooperation for development, intercultural dialogue, gender equality, youth, education, immigration, environment or media

from 19/02/2020
to 20/02/2020

4th INTREPIDA forum in Évora, Portugal

A magnificent occasion to boost alliances, synergies and exchange of knowledge, besides the specific activities arranged for the occasion

from 28/01/2020
to 29/01/2020

4th AN-MAR Andalusia Morocco Forum

A meeting place for mayors, elected officials and political and technical representatives of the municipalities, regional boards and governments of Morocco and Andalusia

27/11/2019 Forum

20 years of public diplomacy in the Mediterranean day

The Foundation organizes this event with national experts and think-tanks to jointly study the challenges present in the Mediterranean basin

22/11/2019 Forum

2nd ‘Reflections on the situation of the MENA in the Straits of Gibraltar’ workshop

Due to its nature, this encounter is not open to the general public.

from 21/11/2019
to 24/11/2019

Businesswomen from the tourism sector take part in the Fehispor Hispano-Portuguese fair

The INTREPIDA project invites a selection of businesswomen from the tourism sectors in Andalusia, the Algarve and Alentejo to take part in Turiberia, the new section at the Fehisport multi-sectoral fair dedicated to tourism in Spain and Portugal.

05/09/2019 Forum

International Conference of ‘Inter-Civilizational Dialogue’

Hadhari Global Network and the Association Legacy of Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi of Malaysia participate in this cultural event in which the Foundation Mosque of Seville collaborates.

from 05/09/2019
to 08/09/2019

INTREPIDA at the VII Mediterranean Fair of Tavira

The Portuguese city of Tavira is preparing for the VII Mediterranean Fair with an extensive programme of activities for all

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