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Cinema Tuesday. Screening of “Callshop Istanbul”


In the context of the decade for recognising descendants of the African diaspora launched by the UN in 2015, thereby promoting a global commitment to that community, the Three Cultures Foundation offers a cycle dedicated to that topic. On this occasion we aim to highlight the African migratory crisis and ponder the critical nature of the interactions and transformations affecting Afro-descendents in their diaspora, especially in the European context.

The Three Cultures Foundation thus continues to manifest its commitment to social justice, the promotion of human rights and respect for cultural diversity.



Callshop Istanbul.

Directed by Hind Benchekroun and Sami Mermer.

Morocco, Turkey, Canada, 2016, 89 minutes.


Istanbul has always been a way-station for the world’s merchants and travellers. Nowadays, for emigrants from Africa and the Middle East, it represents the gateway to the European promised land. Syrian and Iraqi refugees, cosmopolitan youths seeking a better future, disillusioned by the Arab Springs, and clandestine emigrants from sub-Saharan Africa gather in a small space full of life: call shops, from which they can again contact their countries of origin.