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Debates on the Mediterranean: session on line on sustainable development, water, environment and energy

30/04/2020 From 19:00

In 1995, the Euro-Mediterranean Conference of Foreign Affairs of Barcelona launched an ambitious programme of Cooperation among the EU countries and those based in the South and East of the Mediterranean Basin, laying the foundations of a new regional relationship aiming to establish an area of peace and stability, of shared prosperity and rapprochement between peoples through a social, cultural and human partnership.

25 years after that initiative, at the Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation we would like to tackle this issue to evaluate where more perseverant actions are required and where the roads taken have been successful in order to be used as good practice models.

These activities, financed by Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of the Government of Spain, are part of the different activities carrying out by that Secretary of State to study, analyze and implement the priorities of the Spanish Foreign Affairs Policy.

Isidro González, Deputy General Secretary of the Union for the Mediterranean in charge of Water, Environment and Blue Economy will be talking to Francisco José Gutiérrez Rodríguez, from the General Secretariat of the Environment, Water and Climate Change at the Junta de Andalucía regional government in the fifth (and final) session of the cycle,  ‘Debates on the Mediterranean: session on sustainable development, water, environment and energy’.


To attend the session as part of the audience, it is necessary to register. Once registered, you will receive detailed instructions on how to join the virtual session. We beg you please stay tunned online 10m before the beginning of the conference. This session also counts on the collaboration of the company Yoosell.