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Fátima González and Design students at Ramón Carande Secondary School

02/03/2018 From 10:30

The INTREPIDA project launches the appointments with the clear intention of taking the enterprise to the training centers.

On this occasion,a freelance designer, Fátima González, has been selected so that she can share her experience at the head of her own Company, after having worked for others and on her own at other times.

The Ramón Carande Secondary School has the specialty of Visual Artes Bachelor, including design. Among the twenty students that make up the class, some of them wish to continue studying History of Arts or Fine Arts at the University; while others consider facing the labor market as designers. This meeting will facilitate a dialogue between the students and the designer. It will help to better understand the ins and outs that self-employment requires.

After studying Advertising and Public Relations in Seville, Fátima González made a master’s degree at the Elisava School of Design in Barcelona in order to specialize herself in Corporate Identity Design. Subsequently, she created together with three partners the multidisciplinary studio Socaire, now Lookanddoit, in Seville. It is a branding agency based in Tarragona. She is currently working as a graphic designer freelance and as a partner of the Les Chevalets Association, a project about diffusion and dissemination of traditional printing techniques.