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Forum on Women, Economy and Enterprise in 21st Century Mediterranean Societies

from 22/02/2018
to 23/02/2018

The aim of the meeting is to develop new keys that can help find solutions for the economic challenges affecting women in the Mediterranean.

 The 2nd International Meeting of Mediterranean Women Academics and Researchers, organised by the Three Cultures Foundation and the Al Liqá Association, will focus on major economic changes occurring in the Mediterranean space and consequences of the migratory movements that now comprise large numbers of women, owing to income disparities in the countries lining both shores.

This meeting will gather women academics and researchers from universities and research centres around the Mediterranean. There are other specific objectives besides the main aim indicated above: first, to shed light on socioeconomic processes resulting from the global crisis now affecting the world and the Mediterranean region in particular; second, to examine different themes and aspects in the field of economics from a gender standpoint; and third, to analyse repercussions stemming from the economic crisis in the Mediterranean region and their impact on women.

Assembly Hall of the Faculty of Sciences and Labour of the University of Granada. February 22nd and 23rd.