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20 years of public diplomacy in the Mediterranean day


The Mediterranean space has always been a place of inspiration and reflection for those who coexist there. It deserves, as a cradle of civilisations, for its legacy to live on and the paradigm of the relations produced there to change.

International public life demands, more now than ever, an extraordinary effort to eradicate extremisms and fundamentalisms that prevail over dialogue and coexistence. The efforts of the Fundación Tres Culturas (Three Cultures Foundation) to build bridges between societies are currently more necessary than at any other time and it’s vital to coordinate them to broaden horizons and gain greater efficiency.

Cultural diplomacy is an excellent tool that must respond to this emergency and the cultural development of the other party. Therefore, following 20 years of tireless work in this field, the Foundation is holding this work session with the relevant authorities, experts, institutions and think tanks to jointly study the challenges that this Mediterranean which we live in presents us with and the roles institutions like this must play.

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