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Academia ALPE. Centro de oposiciones

Sector: Complementary training Zone: Andalusia Address: Calle Doctor Jiménez Diaz nº 3, 18014, Granada Contact: Rosario Pérez Castro Tlf: +34958294418 Email: secretaria@academia-alpe.com Web: http://www.academia-alpe.com/

The philosophy of Academia ALPE, which is a teaching centre specialised in the preparation of public state examinations (oposiciones) and courses, is to provide students with everything necessary to prepare them from home, with updated syllabuses and with the possibility of being in permanent contact with the teacher and, most importantly, using the student’s chosen method: personalised tutorials or face-to-face classes.

Each public state exam’s compulsory subjects can be complemented with a series of courses, psycho-technical tests and general training directly related to them. Part of Academia ALPE’s success is due to the fact that it builds up the loyalty of its employees and achieves an excellent team of highly qualified teachers, tutors, administrators, school directors and coordinators.