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Sector: Parenting education Zone: Andalusia Address: C/ Alcalde Juan Páez Palma, 2C. CP 21510. San Bartolomé de la Torre (Huelva) Contact: Mariángeles Gómez Tlf: +34671171711 Whatsapp: +34666666666 Email: ecomami@ecomami.es Web: http://www.ecomami.es

Ecomami.es is a web blog with information on everything related to motherhood and fatherhood. Ecomami is also an educational space where workshops, talks and events of different kinds are held, all intending to promote conscious and informed motherhood and fatherhood. We organise workshops on breastfeeding and natural parenting, infant feeding, preparation for childbirth, healthy consumption, educational and social theatre…

At Ecomami, we also advise and accompany mothers and fathers on this beautiful adventure. Likewise, we coordinate breastfeeding support groups and offer free breastfeeding counselling.

These are our three pillars: breastfeeding counselling, training workshops and event organisation.

Finally, we have a blog on our website where we share our posts and information on these topics.

Without a doubt, Ecomami is a space for all mothers and fathers who want an informed and conscious parenting experience.