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Modern Arabic courses at the Fundación Tres Culturas

Photograph by AnnieSpratt

The Fundación Tres Culturas (Three Cultures Foundation) has been holding its Modern Standard Arabic courses, with beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, since the year 2005.

The courses are annual and are split into two terms: from October to February and from March to June. Given at the Fundación Tres Culturas (Three Cultures Foundation) headquarters by experienced, certified teachers, they are aimed at the general public and adapted to the levels and requirements of the pupils.

In a pleasant but rigorous manner, the classes allow the pupils to delve into knowledge of the official language of 23 countries, spoken by more than 280 million people.

Learning Arabic also leads to discovering a fascinating culture that is also a part of our history, and of course opens a window to new professional opportunities.

Moreover, the Foundation places complementary activities at the disposal of the pupils to enable them to practice what they have learnt: conferences, book loans, screening of films in original version with subtitles and of course the contents of its specialist documentation centre and library.

Data sheet:


160€ general price.

120€ (25% discount) for unemployed and retired people with accreditation of their status.

The price of the course does not include teaching materials.


Two weekly one-and-a-half-hour classes in the afternoons, depending on group and level.

 Any questions?

Contact us by email: educa@tresculturas.org  or phone 667 311 132.


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