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The Tres Culturas Foundation launches this section so you can visualize those multimedia files (video, photographs, sound, …) that we have been collecting during the realization of the activities.

Debates on the Mediterranean: session on empowerment of women
Fecha: 05/03/2020
4th INTREPIDA forum in Évora, Portugal
Fecha: 19/02/2020
Tres Culturas at CODE’41, Seville’s fashion week
Fecha: 14/02/2020
Debates around the Mediterranean. Session on labour market and youth
Fecha: 06/02/2020
‘If not now, when?’: conference-debate on Primo Levi
Fecha: 23/01/2020
`Rialto 11´ unites reading clubs from Barcelona and Seville
Fecha: 30/11/2019
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