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The ALQANTARA: bridges for dialogue and coexistence programme is the result of a strategic partnership between the Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation and the Ministry for Moroccan Communities Abroad and Migration Affairs. It involves multiple activities arranged around two major complementary action blocs: a thematic analysis bloc which covers significant issues affecting the current Mediterranean space and another section that focuses on awareness-raising, particularly among younger generations, with the goal of showing positively the image we have of our neighbouring societies.

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Tres Festival 2018

Although its north and south are often viewed separately, the Mediterranean comprises a historic unity and identity. Its enormous wealth and complexity nevertheless enables one to speak of a single Mediterranean culture with very well

Month of Morocco

Within the framework of the program ‘Alqantara: bridges for dialogue and coexistence’ that the Tres Culturas Foundation has been developing in collaboration with the Delegate Ministry in Charge of Moroccan Residents Abroad and Migration Matters,

Women in the mediterranean space

Identity, political participation, leadership and emancipation are the four major thematic lines followed by Three Cultures to debate the role of women as drivers for change in different contexts, from politics to culture, the economic

African Diaspora

The Three Cultures Foundation is working closely with Pablo Olavide University to hold the 9th Biennial of the Association for Study of the African Diaspora, which will serve to analyse, among other issues, the interactions

Attending moroccan communities abroad

The Three Cultures Foundation has always paid special attention to Moroccans who live and work in Andalusia, even more so since the partnership with the Ministry for Moroccan Communities Abroad and Migration Affairs began. Performances,