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European programmes

Since its early days the Three Cultures Foundation has paid special attention to the European Union and its member countries, as this geographical framework is the one of the main settings for its programmed activities. This institution has thus worked to implement all projects backed by European aid schemes, especially those with a marked artistic, social and/or academic nature.



CARPET (Craft, Art and People Together) is a project led by the Three Cultures Foundation whose partners are entities from Portugal and the United Kingdom, with Morocco as guest country. Its action lines are co-financed


The INTREPIDA project (Internationalisation of Female Entrepreneurs from Spain and Portugal toward Insertion, Development and Alliances) is an initiative framed in INTERREG Spain-Portugal (POCTEP 2014-2020) and financed with ERDF funds from the European Union. Its

Erasmus Plus

The Three Cultures Foundation leads the PLUS Program (Politicians Listening to Us), which brings together more than 50 participants from the Euro-Mediterranean area to work on the theme of social economy and share their impressions

Cudema 2

The Morocco/Andalusia Culture and Development Programme 2 (CUDEMA2) aims to contribute to the social, cultural and economic development of the cross-border region of Morocco and Andalusia by promoting cultural and creative industries through capacity-building in


MENARA is the Observatory for Migrations and Promotion of Intercultural Dialogue, an initiative conceived to achieve greater understanding of the dynamics of Morocco/Andalusia migration and thereby generate spaces for coexistence and dialogue. The programme encompasses


The MERE (Women Entrepreneurs from the Strait Regions) programme is dedicated to businesswomen and future entrepreneurs from Andalusia and northern Morocco. A cross-border cooperation initiative within the POCTEFEX scheme, it includes the creation of a


CREAMOS (Programme for Artistic Creativity between Andalusia and Morocco with Social Objectives) focuses on the need for more knowledge and familiarity regarding the production, implementation, education and management of art in Andalusia and northern Morocco.

Cudema 1

The CUDEMA (Culture and Development in Morocco) educational programme in the scope of cultural and heritage project management is an initiative that targets students and professionals residing in the provinces of the Tangier/Tétouan region and