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Film collaborations

Film festivals and events of various kinds are held in the Three Cultures screening hall (with more than 200 seats), an ideal space for their dissemination. Hence the diversity of such events hosted as collaboration projects. Special engagements are also planned, with debates and roundtable discussions.


Morocco at Three Cultures 2018

Within the framework of the ‘Alqantara: bridges for dialogue and coexistence’ programme that the Foundation has been developing in collaboration with the deputy Ministry for Moroccan Expats and Migration Matters, this institution will hold numerous

Book presentations

Distinguished authors are invited to Three Cultures to present their latest publications and review their literary careers. Such presentations are often shared with publishers, translators, researchers or journalists, with whom they speak before an audience

Arabic and Hebrew classes

The Three Cultures Foundation offers courses in modern Hebrew and Arabic, both at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Classes are given in afternoons on a term basis.

Seville Film Festival

Each year the Tres Culturas Foundation collaborates with the European Film Festival of Seville, offering a film cycle in parallel, within our Film Tuesday Project. This collaboration aims to show the recent work of directors

Summer cinema

Consolidating an activity that combines our usual commitment to the cinema of the Near East and the Mediterranean with the traditional summer sessions of outdoor screenings, the Tres Culturas Foundation organizes the third edition of