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from 01/11/2018
to 30/11/2018

Morocco at Three Cultures 2018

Within the framework of the ‘Alqantara: bridges for dialogue and coexistence’ programme that the Foundation has been developing in collaboration

from 18/07/2018
to 24/02/2018


WOCMES (World Congress on Middle Eastern Studies) es el evento más prestigioso a nivel mundial en el que participan académicos,

from 15/05/2018
to 14/06/2018

Ramadan between Cultures 2018

Coinciding with the month of Ramadan, the Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation organizes once again a program of activities

from 03/05/2018
to 31/05/2018

Mes de la Diversidad Cultural

Por cuarto año consecutivo, Tres Culturas centra el mes de mayo en celebrar la diversidad cultural con música, cine, literatura y otras propuestas.

from 26/04/2018
to 28/04/2018

Tres Festival 2018

Although its north and south are often viewed separately, the Mediterranean comprises a historic unity and identity. Its enormous wealth

from 03/04/2018
to 24/04/2018

Cycle ‘Words into images: narrating realities’

This cycle composed of three films based on novels by Mediterranean authors serves as a preview of the exhibition that

from 05/03/2018
to 26/02/2018


Cycle ‘Dialoguing with the glance: sample of cinema of Portuguese and Andalusian directors’ This meeting with cinema is proposed as

from 05/02/2018
to 26/02/2018

Andalusian film show: going strong in the south.

The Three Cultures Foundation once again offers a sampling of Andalusian cinema. Glimpses of reality, diverse subjects, originality and poetry

from 09/01/2018
to 30/01/2018

Israeli film cycle

A sampling of Israeli films which by means of comedy, drama and road movie provide an overview of life in Israel.

from 11/11/2017
to 13/12/2017

Week of France

Films, art, literature and music in the Three Cultures week dedicated to France

from 01/11/2017
to 30/11/2017

Month of Morocco

Within the framework of the program ‘Alqantara: bridges for dialogue and coexistence’ that the Tres Culturas Foundation has been developing

from 01/10/2017
to 01/10/2019


The INTREPIDA project (Internationalisation of Female Entrepreneurs from Spain and Portugal toward Insertion, Development and Alliances) is an initiative framed

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