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The Three Cultures Foundation hosts at its headquarters nearly a dozen photography, painting, handicraft, urban art and drawing exhibitions every year, among other manifestations. Other exhibitions are meanwhile on tour in various locations, mainly in Andalusia and Morocco.

Archive Activities

from 04/12/2019
to 20/01/2020

Educational exhibition ‘Literature of southern al-Andalus’

Educational exhibition produced by the Andalusian Written Word Centre and curated by Virginia Luque

from 18/06/2019
to 30/06/2019

The Rabat National Library hosts the exhibition on 20 years of Tres Culturas

Consisting of images from these two decades of history, accompanied by written texts in Arabic.

from 03/10/2018
to 26/10/2018

Exhibition: Objects that make People, people that make Art

The CARPET (Craft Art and People Together) Project brings together a selection of artists, designers, architects and creatives in general

from 07/04/2018
to 13/05/2018

Exhibition ‘Mogador’ by Veronica Gaido and Vito Tongiani

These two artists belonging to different expressive worlds are faced with the objective of telling the atmosphere and life of

from 25/01/2018
to 16/02/2018
Collaboration Exhibition

Exhibition on Dignity in Adversity: refuge, disability and solidarity among the populations of Jordan and Syria

In the context of the seminar on “Jerusalem: right to the city in a city for two peoples”, this exhibition’s

from 13/12/2017
to 01/02/2018

Exposition ‘Guernica Huella’ de Nissrine Seffar

Trois Cultures rejoint ainsi le souvenir des quatre-vingts années qui se sont écoulées depuis le bombardement de la ville basque

from 25/10/2017
to 28/11/2017

‘Wa Habibi’. Photographs by Carole Alfarah

The exhibition Wa Habibi (Oh, my love), organized by Casa Árabe and the Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation and curated

from 18/10/2017
to 24/11/2017

Seeds of the New Morocco exhibition in San Fernando

The Three Cultures Foundation presents the exhibition Seeds of the New Morocco in San Fernando near Cádiz. It can be

21/09/2017 Exhibition

‘PHOTO PLUS’ Exhibition

The Fundación Tres Culturas organises this collective exhibition of photographs and videos by Dvir Lahar, Guille López, Inmaculada Moreno, Juan