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Reading club

Tres Con Libros [Three with Books] is more than a reading club, it is a meeting of readers who love literature and enjoy books in a different manner. Besides the usual meetings to comment on chosen works, the club provides an opportunity to share impressions with the authors, illustrators or even the main characters of the selected books.

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Archive Activities

30/11/2019 Book presentation Reading Club

`Rialto 11´ unites reading clubs from Barcelona and Seville

In Rialto, 11, Naufragios y pecios de una librería, Belén Rubiano (Seville, 1970) tells us about her passion for books and how one can end up putting everything at risk to chase a dream.

from 02/10/2019
to 09/10/2019
Reading Club

`Frankenstein in Baghdad´, by Ahmed Saadawi, in Tres con libros

A satire that depicts the bizarre day to day life in the Iraqi capital since the end of the war.

28/03/2019 Book presentation Others Reading Club

`Headscarves and Hymens´, a manifesto driven by hope and fury in equal measures

In Headscarves and Hymens, Eltahawy firmly condemns the repressive forces that reduce millions of women to the status of second-class citizens.

31/01/2018 Reading Club

Reading club focus on “The Lady from Damascus”

An overview of the comic book by Jean-Pierre and Cyrille Pomès. Readers will learn about key aspects of the conflict

from 31/01/2018
to 06/03/2018
Reading Club

The Portuguese literature reaches the ‘Tres con libros’ reading club

Thanks to the European project INTREPIDA , the reading club ‘Tres con libros’ goes deep into the best Portuguese literature