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Summer courses

The Three Cultures Foundation collaborates with the International University of Andalusia on its summer courses during the months of July and September, hosting and co-organising at its headquarters some of the courses offered at the Cartuja campus while also participating in those held in other provinces, such as at Santa María de La Rábida.


Archive Activities

from 15/07/2019
to 17/07/2019

Summer course: `Cordoba 711-Jerusalem 2019. The Encounter of Jews, Christians and Muslim in the Sephardic World´

The aim of this course is to bring to light the Sephardi Jewish tradition developed in the middle ages in the Iberian Peninsula, analysing the contributions of other traditions to the Judeo-Spanish and vice-versa.

from 11/09/2017
to 22/09/2017

UNIA summer courses 2017

The Three Cultures Foundation once again collaborates with the UNIA Summer Courses. This September we will continue to update content