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Deysy Esperanza Solano and students at the Jardines del Valle School in Seville

16/03/2018 From 08:00

The entrepreneur Deysy Esperanza Solano has a clear vocation to publicize the benefits of a proper nutrition. She developes this work throught her herbalist and nutrition consultation in Dos Hermanas (Sevilla) and through meetings in schools with the clear objective of making children responsible for the foods that make up their diets.

On this occasion, the students at the Jardines del Valle School will have a meeting with the entrepreneur under the title of ‘El Plato del Buen Comer’. The activity will be focused on breakfast as a key in school feeding. It will begin with a theoretical approach to the different nutrients and protein sources, to move to a more practical activity in which students must deduce what foods are the most advisable to take at breakfast, according to the nutritionist.

Daysy Esperanza Solano represents a constancy example in the study and vocation for an increasingly demanding preparation since he left Lima (Perú) thanks to a grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Her integration in Spain, the creation of her company and her adaptation to a foreign country are elements of great interest to share with students in an increasingly pluralistic society.


Data sheet: March 16, 2018 at 11:00 a.m.