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Afammer Málaga

Sector: Social Zone: Andalusia Address: Málaga Contact: Josefina Rubio Mateos; Ana Morales Sánchez Tlf: +34667646781 +34667692721 Email: acgonzalez@malaga.es Web: https://www.afammer.es/

AFAMMER was born in 1982 as a pioneering organization in Spain with a clear and primary objective: that rural women should no longer be invisible and that their voice should be heard in all national and international forums in order to meet the challenge of real equality of opportunity.

Thirty-one years later, we have managed to end the invisibility of women and we have brought the voice of rural women to the entire national and international community and to the most important organizations within and outside our borders. Therefore, AFAMMER is today an indisputable reference point for the associative movement that integrates rural women -the main engine of development in our villages- actively participating in the attainment of great achievements and, above all, committing to and providing training to thousands of women as the main tool for achieving equality.