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Entrepreneurs Guide

Ángeles Espinar

Sector: Textile handicrafts Zone: Andalusia Address: C/ Pascual Márquez, 8ª, Villamanrique de la Condesa, 41850 Sevilla Contact: María José Sánchez Espinar Tlf: +34 678 21 82 20 Whatsapp: +34 678 21 82 20 Email: angelesespinar_5@hotmail.com Web: https://www.angelesespinar.com/

Ángeles Espinar, the founder of the firm, creates her own designs based on antique drawings with which she creates an original style that distinguishes her creations. Her shawls and mantillas are all handmade, with embroidery that has been done for more than three generations.

It all begins with the preparation of the silk. Each colour scale is obtained by dyeing the silk and no two colours are ever the same, as no measurements are used for the dye, the experienced craftswoman does it all by instinct.

The drawing is done entirely by hand, using stencils previously drawn on fine paper. Most of the drawings are house originals, although many others are adapted from old drawings in which decorative elements are added or removed.

The patience and mastery of the embroiderers make their shawls exclusive garments of great beauty and sensuality.