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Clínica del pie PODOCENTRO (Foot clinic)

Sector: Health, Health, Health, Healthcare Zone: Andalusia Address: Calle Alfonso XII, número 9, 1º C Address: 21003 Huelva Contact: Teresa Pozo Tlf: +34 959283707 Email: terepodo@hotmail.es Web:

The PODOCENTRO foot clinic is an initiative by podiatrist Teresa Pozo Alonso, who provides all the necessary services for the care, protection and treatment of the feet in the city of Huelva.

Being aware of the importance of our feet in our daily lives is key to enjoying a full life. Recommendations on the use of the most suitable footwear for each person, treatment of bone problems, treatment of specific discomforts, recommendations on the use of insoles, etc., are some of the services that you can find at this centre, dedicated exclusively to the wellness that comes with well cared for feet.

The centre, in Huelva, is open in the afternoons from 4 pm. to 8 pm., Monday to Friday.