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Gente da minha terra

Sector: Arts and crafts Zone: Alentejo Address: Rua 5 de Outubro N39 7000-854 Évora Contact: Andrea & Rui Tlf: +351 964 956 259 Whatsapp: +351 964 956 259 Email: afvmarques@gmail.com Web: http://www.gentedaminhaterra.pt/

“Gente da Minha Terra” was born and the physical shop materialised in Évora in July 2012. Here, they welcome artisans/artists from all over the country and creative craftsmanship is what drives them. The craftsmanship that is often confused with art and the definition of which no longer matters because it simply has the ability to transport us to a more beautiful and charming place.

With this online shop, their greatest desire is to offer unique pieces to those who are far away, capable of turning houses into homes with their own personality and other everyday pleasures, always with a Portuguese identity.