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Hijos con éxito. Formación para madres y padres (Successful children. Training for mothers and fathers)

Sector: Education, Training Zone: Andalusia Address: Sevilla Contact: Carmen López Suárez Tlf: 0034 646478911 Email: mamenlsk2@gmail.com Web: https://hijosconexito.com

Hijos con Éxito, formación para madres y padres is an Andalusian company that was created with the primary objective of helping families to learn more in order to educate their children better (or differently). After more than 30 years dedicated to teaching and research in the civil service, Carmen López, founder of Hijos con Éxito, Doctor in Education, Pedagogy and Family Counselling, launched her training project for mothers and fathers two years ago, with which she helps you to find answers to your family needs.

Services provided:

Conferences for companies and for educational events, mothers and fathers. With a format of 60-90 minutes, they provide information and guidelines for the development of personal skills to help solve problems and meet the needs of children in the transition to a productive and socially fulfilling working life.

Courses and workshops. These are monographic activities with only a little theory that work in detail on tools and resources of educational interest for educating, guiding and helping your children in their integral, healthy and balanced education. They provide relevant information, specific guidelines for action and a space to think and reflect individually and in groups. Courses and workshops are offered with a wide range of content such as school performance, communication, conflict management, internalisation of rules and limits, among others.

Individualised Family Counselling. This modality is a private attention service that provides training, counselling, guidance and help to a parent or couple regarding specific issues related to the education and upbringing of children. Special attention is paid to the individual and family characteristics of each attendee.