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Sector: Lanugage school Zone: Andalusia Address: Cádiz Contact: Vanesa Brenes Reyes Tlf: 856919184 Email: info@interigual.com Web: http://www.interigual.com/

Interigual’s philosophy is to ensure that the student learns Spanish with their ideal teacher, adapting at all times to the student’s way of learning. Not everyone has the same way of acquiring knowledge, as we do not have the same way of learning a language, so we give priority to private classes where the teacher speaks to and analyses the student, reaches an agreement with them and follows the route with his or her learner.

Motivation is essential to achieve our goals, to motivate is to provide facilities. We live in a world where it is super hard to find time to learn more, that’s why we have created tailored classes for you that you can take wherever you want, through video conferencing, live with your teacher. Imagine you live in a big city and have 45 minutes for lunch, well, why not take advantage of that rest time to continue learning in a relaxed and comfortable way. All you need is an internet connection and a computer, tablet or mobile phone, and you will have a personalised interchange with a native teacher just for you. It’s so easy!

The trust our students place in us is paramount for Interigual, each student is an individual person with specific characteristics and different sensitivities. Due to our daily contact, our links are getting closer and closer to creating the INTERIGUAL family.

To ‘do an Interigual’, is not to take any old Spanish class, it is to make the student feel passion, enthusiasm, willingness to learn and satisfaction with his or her daily achievements.