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Mansfield Bra Fitting

Sector: Lingerie Zone: Andalusia Address: Calle San Juan de la Palma, 20, 41003 Sevilla Contact: Ana Rodríguez Tlf: +34 664 25 18 70 Whatsapp: +34 664 25 18 70 Email: hola@mansfieldbra.com Web: http://www.mansfieldbra.com/

Mansfield Bra Fitting, a project of Ana Rodriguez, the owner, was born in the Plaza San Juan de la Palma in Seville.  Her shop specialises in lingerie for all types of sizes with many English brands (Elomi, Fantasy, Wacoal, Freya) and the Málaga-based Gisela. Every week she orders from all the brands to obtain the products that her customers need. These lingerie lines come in a wide range of sizes, but manage to maintain their special and beautiful style. In addition, Mansfield also offers perfectly contoured swimwear in different sizes, top and bottom, as well as sports bras, girdles, etc.