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Sector: Food Zone: Andalusia Address: C/ Amor de Dios, nº 14. 41002. Sevilla. Contact: Luana Chirila. Tlf: 954 026 803 653 922 146 Whatsapp: 653 922 146 Email: luana@taricoexport.com Web:

We work with artisan producers who take great care in the quality of their products. We do not work with distributors. The products are vacuum-packed, canned and bottled to protect them.

In addition to the fairs that are organised, the producers need to have a permanent presence in the city. Our artisans are families, cooperatives, friends who work on a common project and dedicate all their efforts to fulfilling their dreams.

Our customers appreciate quality and understand the importance of a healthy diet. Each product has a story behind it, a social message, a traditional recipe. We also target restaurants, bars, catering companies, hotels that are interested in our products.

Our competitive advantage is the wide range of products we offer. We have natural, organic, gluten-free, lactose-free products.

Range of products: olive oils, artisan cheeses, sausages, ready meals, sauces, jams, honey, homemade sweets, salted meats, wines, liqueurs and many more.