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Sector: Textiles, Textiles Zone: Andalusia Address: C/ Don Alonso el Sabio, nº 6. 41004, Sevilla Contact: Nuria González Sánchez Tlf: +34 636 897 838 Email: tienda@nuriagonzalez.com Web: http://nuriagonzalez.com/

They are in charge of the design, pattern making and choice of fabrics for the different collections. A small team sews all the pieces in a handmade way to produce the accessories.

ZÁLEZ means an effort to offer an exclusive and personal design, which does not necessarily follow the temporary trends and aesthetics set by the big fashion brands, and with the added attraction of handmade production, always in limited editions.

They are committed to the quality of the fabrics and work with 100% cotton and linen. These are Japanese and English fabrics, with very striking prints, which can also be purchased from the ZÁLEZ shop, so that everyone can make their own sewing projects.