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The Tres Culturas Foundation launches this section so you can visualize those multimedia files (video, photographs, sound, …) that we have been collecting during the realization of the activities.

`20th century Jewish jazz´ concert in Madrid
Fecha: 12/11/2019
‘Guantanamo kid’: the importance of being Mohammed
Fecha: 24/10/2019
3rd INTREPIDA forum in Loulé, Portugal
Fecha: 21/10/2019
`Frankenstein in Baghdad´, by Ahmed Saadawi, in Tres con libros
Fecha: 02/10/2019
Tres Culturas with the Hay Festival Segovia
Fecha: 22/09/2019
Ahmed Saadawi, one of the most important voices of the new Iraki literatura, at Tres Culturas
Fecha: 19/09/2019
International Conference of ‘Inter-Civilizational Dialogue’
Fecha: 05/09/2019
INTREPIDA at the VII Mediterranean Fair of Tavira
Fecha: 05/09/2019
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