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The Tres Culturas Foundation launches this section so you can visualize those multimedia files (video, photographs, sound, …) that we have been collecting during the realization of the activities.

Greek fiction and Turkish reality, Tres Culturas’ two recommendations at the Seville Book Fair
Fecha: 02/06/2019
INTREPIDA date in Portugal: fresh pasta-making workshop
Fecha: 13/05/2019
Tres Culturas at the 38th Granada Book Fair
Fecha: 11/05/2019
INTREPIDA event: Showcooking and tasting of healthy food with La Vegana
Fecha: 25/04/2019
INTREPIDA event: Tour of the churches and brotherhoods of Seville’s historical centre
Fecha: 08/04/2019
The latest in Palestine literature. Mazen Maarouf at Tres Culturas
Fecha: 03/04/2019
Mona Eltahawy presents one of the most striking works of the year at Tres Culturas
Fecha: 28/03/2019
`Headscarves and Hymens´, a manifesto driven by hope and fury in equal measures
Fecha: 28/03/2019
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