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IntegrARTE: Moroccan singers Cheb Japoni and Mourad Hajjaji Sghir take `chaabi´ music to the workers in Lepe and Almonte

from 26/04/2019
to 27/04/2019
From 20:00

The Fundación Tres Culturas (Three Cultures Foundation), in collaboration with the Ministry in charge of Moroccan Expats and Migration Matters of the Government of Morocco and within the framework of the IntegrARTE programme, is holding two concerts of popular chaabi music by singers Rabeh Mari Wari and Cheb Japoni Sghir.

This is the second entertainment proposal developed through IntegrARTE, a programme aimed specifically at the Moroccan temporary workers who are currently working in the province of Huelva. On this occasion they will be able to enjoy this cheerful rhythm which is very popular all over the Maghreb.

Friday 26th of April

Finca AgroMartín. Calle Fuentes, 56. Lepe, Huelva.

Saturday 27th of April

Finca Doñana 1998. Calle Juan Ramón Jiménez, 1. Almonte, Huelva.