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from 24/09/2019
to 26/09/2019

Al-Andalus Cathedra. Haketia, essential element of the Jewish Moroccan identity

Line Amselem will be in charge of giving a dissertation on the history of this language.

27/06/2019 Conference

The music of the Moors of the kingdom of Granada and an Andalusí music concert, in Al-Andalus Cathedra

The music of the Moors is the final stage of the music of Al-Andalus on the Iberian Peninsula. and its persistence is undeniable and is apparent in many forms of popular music of Andalusia and northern Africa.

28/05/2019 Conference

Al-Andalus Cathedra: ‘Abu Maydan: a new Sufism of social projection, a synthesis of East and West’

The way of Sufi Abu Madyan is the result of a personal, intellectual and practical synthesis of the Eastern and Western Sufist trends in their double version: that cultivated and developed in the Maghreb and the one from Massarra that took root in the lands of al-Andalus.

from 27/05/2019
to 31/05/2019

Tres Culturas and the Sephardic-Israel Centre hold the 5th Erensya summit in Seattle

The Fundación Tres Culturas and the Sephardic-Israel Centre in collaboration with the Spanish Embassy in the United States hold the 5th summit of this platform which has an aim to connect Sephardic communities from all over the world.

20/05/2019 Conference

Workshop-encounter with Héctor del Barrio on evaluation of audiences at cultural activities

Photo: Víctor Gascon The Fundación Tres Culturas’ (Three Cultures Foundation) CARPET Project invites you to take part in a series of

16/05/2019 Conference

Encounter with designers Josep María Mir and Mario Eskenazi, moderated by Diego Gallego

This encounter allows us to discover the professional careers, impressions, opinions and points of view of these brilliant professionals, winners of prizes both in Spain and abroad.

11/05/2019 Conference

Tres Culturas at the 38th Granada Book Fair

Tres Culturas will once again be taking part in the 38th edition of the Granada Book Fair with a speech by Italian philosopher Nuccio Ordine entitled Elogio de la inutilidad (Tribute to uselessness) on Saturday the 11th of May.

25/04/2019 Conference

Al-Andalus Cathedra: The saints of the Maghreb: brotherhoods, pilgrimages, patronage and their connections with Andalusia

The session is offered by Antonio Zoido, Graduate in Philosophy from the Gregoriana University of Rome and the Complutense of Madrid.

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