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from 10/10/2019
to 31/10/2019
Others Others

CARPET project: Tres Culturas publishes ‘Let’s make it public’, a selection of articles on developing audiences and marketing the arts

A valuable selection of articles on developing audiences for the arts and cultural industries which have been written by professionals.

from 21/10/2019
to 18/11/2019
Formation Formation Formation

Online course: ‘Intercultural Mediation for conflict resolution’

Mediation is a discipline which is intimately related to the concept of welfare. Over recent years, the democratic societies have

from 21/10/2019
to 22/10/2019
Forum Forum Forum Forum

3rd INTREPIDA forum in Loulé, Portugal

This forum will look at different aspects relating to communication, packaging and relations between Spain and Portugal.

24/10/2019 Book presentation Book presentation Book presentation

‘Guantanamo kid’: the importance of being Mohammed

A comic with script by Jérôme Tubiana, a journalist specialising in war conflicts, and illustrations by French artist Alexandre Franc, who stands out as one of the most advantages disciples of David B. and Marjane Satrapi.

from 15/11/2019
to 15/12/2019

Online course `The religions of the Book in today’s world´

This course aims to analyse the most recent evolution and the perspectives of the future of the so-called religions of the Book.

16/11/2019 Others

2nd Fundación Tres Culturas chess tournament for Hispano-Moroccan youths

A festive day focusing on this sport, part game and part science, which was brought to the West by the Muslims via Al-Andalus.


Mrabet and Bowles, a memory of Tangiers

The Fundación Tres Culturas (Three Cultures Foundation), with the collaboration of Cabaret Voltaire publishing house, organises this conversation with a


Morocco at Three Cultures 2018

Within the framework of the ‘Alqantara: bridges for dialogue and coexistence’ programme that the Foundation has been developing in collaboration with the deputy Ministry for Moroccan Expats and Migration Matters, this institution will hold numerous


WOCMES (World Congress on Middle Eastern Studies) es el evento más prestigioso a nivel mundial en el que participan académicos, investigadores y expertos en Oriente Medio y norte de África. Se trata de un importante


Film collaborations

Film festivals and events of various kinds are held in the Three Cultures screening hall (with more than 200 seats), an ideal space for their dissemination. Hence the diversity of such events hosted as collaboration projects. Special engagements are also planned, with debates and roundtable discussions.

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The Fatima Mernissi Library has since 2007 become one of the hallmarks of the Three Cultures Foundation, not just due to its extensive collection (books, recordings, films, specialised periodicals) but also to its programme of activities, which range from presentations of publications to the Tres Con Libros reading club.

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Cooperation for development

The Three Cultures Foundation has established various working lines to organise activities and projects in developing countries, such as the ANDASEN project, which will focus on Saint Louis, Senegal.

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Cultural programming

Educational programme

Education is one of the pillars on which the programmes of Three Cultures are based and hence is the focus of many projects undertaken by the Foundation since it was founded. Highlights include classes in modern Hebrew and Arabic, the master’s in international relations, summer courses and various initiatives targeting publics of all ages.

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Inter-religious dialogue and geopolitics in the mediterranean

Specialised seminars, ambassador conferences, roundtables on contemporary issues and projects such as Ramadan Between Cultures are framed in this programme, which analyses various issues concerning religious diversity and political, economic, social and cultural relations in the Mediterranean scope.

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European programmes

Since its early days the Three Cultures Foundation has paid special attention to the European Union and its member countries, as this geographical framework is the one of the main settings for its programmed activities. This institution has thus worked to implement all projects backed by European aid schemes, especially those with a marked artistic, social and/or academic nature.

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WOCMES (World Congress on Middle Eastern Studies) is the world’s most prestigious event for academics, researchers and experts on the Middle East and North Africa. This important forum is held every four years and this year will focus on 25 thematic areas, besides including a complete cultural programme with a book fair, film screenings and other audiovisual activities.

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Cinema tuesdays

The Three Cultures Foundation maintains an appointment with the film world every non-holiday Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. The programme is arranged in monthly theme-based cycles that show films not usually found in commercial circuits, many of them from international film festivals and events.

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The ALQANTARA: bridges for dialogue and coexistence programme is the result of a strategic partnership between the Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation and the Ministry for Moroccan Communities Abroad and Migration Affairs. It involves multiple activities arranged around two major complementary action blocs: a thematic analysis bloc which covers significant issues affecting the current Mediterranean space and another section

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