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CARPET (Craft, Art and People Together) is a project led by the Three Cultures Foundation whose partners are entities from Portugal and the United Kingdom, with Morocco as guest country. Its action lines are co-financed by European funds under the Creative Europe programme (2014-2020) and include exhibitions, creator residencies, conferences, studio itineraries and other activities planned with a view to promoting the value of diversity through artisanship and design in general as a key factor for creating economic and social wealth.

Next Activities

from 08/04/2019
to 08/05/2019

Anne Wilson begins her residence in Portugal to share her knowledge on working with wool felt

Artist Anne Wilson creates her pieces in felt using wool fibres that are physically entwined and set employing mechanical techniques along with chemical reactions and humidity.

from 10/04/2019
to 10/05/2019

The multi-disciplinary artist Marta de Pablos begins her artistic residence in Assilah

Within the framework of the Fundación Tres Culturas’ (Three Cultures Foundation’s) CARPET project, Sevillian artist Marta de Pablos, who specialises in ceramics, is working in the Moroccan locality of Assilah for a month.

14/05/2019 Formation

Italic brush calligraphy workshop with Kane Melegatti

This workshop is a practical one of initiation into italic brush calligraphy to obtain calligraphy compositions in a very recognisable style.

14/05/2019 Formation

Workshop `Rethinking the Sevillian tile of the 15th century´

With the support of two designers, this activity proposes the challenge of redesigning the typical Sevillian tile that uses the dry cord technique.

20/05/2019 Conference

Workshop-encounter with Héctor del Barrio on evaluation of audiences at cultural activities

Photo: Víctor Gascon The Fundación Tres Culturas’ (Three Cultures Foundation) CARPET Project invites you to take part in a series of

Archive Activities

03/04/2019 Formation

Encounter-workshop on developing audiences and increasing public loyalty

The CARPET Project invites you to take part in a series of encounters relating to developing of audiences and increasing the loyalty of the different members of the public who take part in activities related to culture and the arts.

20/03/2019 Formation

Wool felt workshop with craftswoman Estela Melo, creator of the Ovelha Mãe brand

The Fundación Tres Culturas (Three Cultures Foundation) invites you to take part in a creative wool felt workshop given by

from 12/03/2019
to 31/03/2019

Photographer and graphic designer Sara Meli Melo on an artistic residency in Seville

Sara Meli Melo is spending the month of March on one of the artistic residencies offered by the Foundation within the framework of the CARPET project.

from 01/03/2019
to 31/03/2019

Textile artist Estela Melo begins her residency in Seville within the CARPET Project

Textile artist Estela Melo, creator of the company Ovelha Mãe, is one of the Portuguese artists who is in residency in Seville in March as part of the CARPET project activities.

from 20/02/2019
to 12/03/2019

Fashion designer Ernesto Naranjo displays his latest work at Tres Culturas

The CARPET project presents, for the first time in Andalusia, a selection of the designs that Ernesto Naranjo has created as a result of his own personal search within the realms of art and design.

from 01/02/2019
to 01/03/2019

CARPET welcomes OVERLAP within the framework of the The Twist artists’ residences

Following Moroccan artist Hamza El Fasiki’s residence in in Cornwall, UK, the CARPET project is receiving British artist OVERLAP in Seville.

from 03/10/2018
to 26/10/2018

Exhibition: Objects that make People, people that make Art

The CARPET (Craft Art and People Together) Project brings together a selection of artists, designers, architects and creatives in general

03/10/2018 Formation

Landscape workshop with Paco Broca. Flying CARPET

CARPET (Craft Art and People Together) has a clear commitment to bringing the people closer to the artists, promoting encounters

from 09/05/2018
to 09/06/2018

From Seville with Love. Flying CARPET

Flying CARPET begins its actions in the framework of the celebration of the World Wide Knitting Day in Public 2018.

from 09/05/2018
to 09/06/2018
Collaboration Formation

The Twist. Artists’ residence

Among the activities that make up the CARPET project, highlights The Twist. It is an initiative aimed at facilitating mobility