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CARPET (Craft, Art and People Together) is a project led by the Three Cultures Foundation whose partners are entities from Portugal and the United Kingdom, with Morocco as guest country. Its action lines are co-financed by European funds under the Creative Europe programme (2014-2020) and include exhibitions, creator residencies, conferences, studio itineraries and other activities planned with a view to promoting the value of diversity through artisanship and design in general as a key factor for creating economic and social wealth.

Archive Activities

from 03/10/2018
to 26/10/2018

Exhibition: Objects that make People, people that make Art

The CARPET (Craft Art and People Together) Project brings together a selection of artists, designers, architects and creatives in general

03/10/2018 Formation

Landscape workshop with Paco Broca. Flying CARPET

CARPET (Craft Art and People Together) has a clear commitment to bringing the people closer to the artists, promoting encounters

from 09/05/2018
to 09/06/2018

From Seville with Love. Flying CARPET

Flying CARPET begins its actions in the framework of the celebration of the World Wide Knitting Day in Public 2018.

from 09/05/2018
to 09/06/2018
Collaboration Formation

The Twist. Artists’ residence

Among the activities that make up the CARPET project, highlights The Twist. It is an initiative aimed at facilitating mobility