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Institutional collaboration

The Three Cultures Foundation maintains close relationships with other prestigious institutions, among them Casa Árabe, Casa Sefarad, the Royal Elcano Institute, IEMed and the Al-Fanar Foundation, with which it plans joint activities and develops various lines of action.

Archive Activities

09/03/2020 Book presentation Conference

Presentation of the poetic anthology `Arribar la bahía´

Poems in Arabic, Spanish, Catalonian, Dariya and English, written by thirty-six poets of different nationalities

from 05/03/2020
to 06/03/2020

20th Meeting of the Spanish Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation and capacity development

This network works in fields such as cooperation for development, intercultural dialogue, gender equality, youth, education, immigration, environment or media

from 28/01/2020
to 29/01/2020

4th AN-MAR Andalusia Morocco Forum

A meeting place for mayors, elected officials and political and technical representatives of the municipalities, regional boards and governments of Morocco and Andalusia

from 12/12/2019
to 29/02/2020

Debates on the Mediterranean: The Process of Barcelona 25 years later

Three Cultures and the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of the Government of Spain hold 5 debates on key issues affecting the present and future of the Mediterranean Basin.

22/11/2019 Collaboration Concert

Charity concert in aid of the Fundación Vicente Ferrer

‘Bicycles with power’ project promotes the distribution of bicycles among female secondary school students in the rural areas of Anantapur.

12/10/2019 Concert

Concert by Sufi group Alturaz Andalusí at the Islamic Days of Almonaster la Real

Once again, the Fundación Tres Culturas (Three Cultures Foundation) is collaborating with this encounter as part of its programme of

04/10/2019 Collaboration

26th Symposium of the Spanish Society of Arabic Studies

An encounter of experts who will work on varied topics and fields of study such as the institutions, education, literature, language, history, sociology and politics.

05/09/2019 Forum

International Conference of ‘Inter-Civilizational Dialogue’

Hadhari Global Network and the Association Legacy of Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi of Malaysia participate in this cultural event in which the Foundation Mosque of Seville collaborates.

from 15/07/2019
to 17/07/2019

Summer course: `Cordoba 711-Jerusalem 2019. The Encounter of Jews, Christians and Muslim in the Sephardic World´

The aim of this course is to bring to light the Sephardi Jewish tradition developed in the middle ages in the Iberian Peninsula, analysing the contributions of other traditions to the Judeo-Spanish and vice-versa.

29/05/2019 Childish Cinema

‘Andalucine Juvenile Cear’ young cinema production awards at Tres Culturas

This competition aims to boost creativity amongst the youths of Andalusia through the use of the new technologies while at the same time raising their awareness about racism, xenophobia and homophobia.

from 27/05/2019
to 31/05/2019

Tres Culturas and the Sephardic-Israel Centre hold the 5th Erensya summit in Seattle

The Fundación Tres Culturas and the Sephardic-Israel Centre in collaboration with the Spanish Embassy in the United States hold the 5th summit of this platform which has an aim to connect Sephardic communities from all over the world.

24/05/2019 Collaboration

The Fundación Tres holds the 1st Jornada RSFútbol on social responsibility in sports

On the occasion of the Finals of the Copa de SM El Rey we organize the 1st RSFútbol Event, entitled From individual to corporative social responsibility. Importance of personal values.

from 20/05/2019
to 01/06/2019

Tres Culturas collaborates with the IV Granada early music festival

Under the title Al-Ándalus between East and West, the fourth edition of this festival will run from the 20th of May to the 1st of June.

16/05/2019 Cinema

‘At first sight’ short film session in collaboration with the Creative Encounters of the Azimut Association

The Fundación Tres Culturas (Three Cultures Foundation) hosts the screening of this series of documentaries produced by youngsters from different Mediterranean countries.

from 15/05/2019
to 17/05/2019

The Fundación Tres Culturas takes part in the ‘Forum of Córdoba, World Coexistence Forum’

The Forum of Córdoba, World Coexistence Forum is an initiative by the Paradigma Córdoba Foundation which was presented in the Andalusian city on the 10th of April 2018 and subscribed by 22 founding members

11/05/2019 Conference

Tres Culturas at the 38th Granada Book Fair

Tres Culturas will once again be taking part in the 38th edition of the Granada Book Fair with a speech by Italian philosopher Nuccio Ordine entitled Elogio de la inutilidad (Tribute to uselessness) on Saturday the 11th of May.

04/04/2019 Collaboration Conference

Tres Culturas takes part in the Morocco in Movement encounter with a conference on cultural cooperation

This year the conferences will focus on matters such as immigration, agriculture and cultural cooperation.


Cultural Exchange between Spain and Indonesia

he main goal of the session is to promote the principal of hinneja tunggal ika (unity in diversity).

21/03/2019 Collaboration Others

Tres Culturas and CEAR honour the international day for the elimination of racial discrimination

Following a visit to the Foundation’s headquarters, there will be a screening of short films.  

19/03/2019 Collaboration Forum

Export to grow

The Fundación Tres Culturas (Three Cultures Foundation) hosts the Export to grow programme with a session that provides export and investment companies with information to help them develop their international business.

15/03/2019 Collaboration Conference

‘Men, Employment and Care’ session

The Fundación Tres Culturas (Three Cultures Foundation) collaborates in the organisation of the Men, employment and care session, organised by Cepaim Foundation in Seville and through the NEO programme.

from 15/03/2018
to 17/03/2018

Hispano-Arabic book Fair

Three Cultures hosts the Spanish-Arabian book Fair. It is an event organized by the ‘Círculo Intercultural Hispano Árabe’ with the

from 14/03/2018
to 15/03/2018
Concert Spectacle

The ’16 Bienal ONCE ANDALUCÍA’ music concert at the Three Cultures Foundation

The Three Cultures Foundation collaborates with ONCE to host two important concerts at its headquarters on March 14 and 15.

from 12/02/2018
to 30/04/2018

XVII Announcement of places to promote the creation of the Antonio Gala Foundation.

The Three Cultures Foundation announces a place for a Moroccan young creator who can develop his formation at the creators

from 26/01/2018
to 28/01/2018

International Amazigh Year Festival

The Centre for Common Memory for Democracy and Peace of Morocco (CMCDP) offers in Meknes for the fifth straight year

25/01/2018 Conference

Jerusalem: right to a city in a city for two peoples

A panel of urban planners, activists and journalists will examine the current prospects for coexistence in Israel and Palestine, with

from 05/12/2017
to 19/12/2017

Cinema Tuesday in December. Collaboration with the Andalesgai Festival

For the ninth straight year cooperation between the Three Cultures Foundation and the Andalesgai Festival is marked by screenings of

from 22/11/2017
to 24/11/2017
Book presentation Collaboration

Three Cultures at the 9th Meeting on Library Science and Documentation: Digital Society and Networks

The Three Cultures Foundation collaborates with the 9th Meeting on Library Science and Documentation organised by Casa África, a two-day

from 18/10/2017
to 22/10/2017

Gathering of Writers from Three Continents 2017

The South Festival –Theatre Meeting of Three Continents (Agüimes) organises every year among its parallel activities a meeting of writers

from 25/04/2017
to 26/04/2017

International Seminar on Cinema, Sports and Gender

The Three Cultures Foundation has organised along with the Municipal Department for Equality, Youth and Relations with the University Community